World pepper prices set a new record

The price of pepper this year has grown continuously with almost no stop.

After the trading session on April 28, pepper prices fell slightly on the Kochi-India exchange, but over the next 2 days, April 29 and 30, pepper futures prices rebounded, setting a new record. .

In 2 days, the total increase was Rs 690, Rs 726 and Rs 869, respectively, to Rs 29,069 per quintal, Rs 29,670 per quintal and Rs 30,187 per quintal, equivalent to USD 6,549/ton, USD 6,684/ton and USD 6,800 /ton for the terms of May, June, July.

Thus, the world pepper price has far surpassed the record levels of Rs 265/kg and Rs 275/kg set since November 1, 1999 to set a new record, at Rs 290/kg and 296/kg , and the destination is Rs 300/kg for spot and short-term pepper prices.

In the futures market, pepper price this year has grown continuously with almost no stopping point. This is within the predictions of analysts, monitoring the market because the world pepper supply is too short, but the growth also shows that this year the world pepper market has problems of concern.

The first concern is that consumer demand is increasing, but supply has not kept up. According to statistics, this year world consumption increased by about 5% compared to 320,000 tons in 2010. Meanwhile, the total supply is only about 297,000 tons, which means the world shortfall is about 33,000 – 35,000 tons.

Also of concern is the general inflation of the world in commodity prices, in which the prices of agricultural products are the most serious. Due to the impact of climate change and weather affecting crop productivity, the source of agricultural products decreases, supply cannot keep up with demand, making world agricultural product prices constantly increase. Pepper prices share the same influence.

At the beginning of 2011, the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) cautiously predicted that this year the world will have a shortage of pepper and our country will benefit when the export price of black pepper at the end of the season is likely to increase. will reach 6,000 USD/ton.

By the end of the first quarter, VPA forecasted that the domestic price of black pepper in buckets is likely to increase to 110,000 – 120,000 VND/kg, the export price will also increase to more than 6,000 USD/ton of black pepper and 8,000 USD/ton of white pepper. The association also did not say when.

It can be affirmed that the movements of the domestic and international markets have exceeded all expectations. On April 13, the domestic price of black pepper in a bucket rose to the mark of VND 120,000/kg, in the context that a day earlier, the world’s medium-term pepper price had surpassed the USD 6,000/ton mark.

Currently, the export price of our country’s pepper is being offered at $5,950/ton for 500 Gr/l FAQ and $6,350/ton for 550Gr/l FAQ, while clean white pepper is priced at $8,450/t. tons, FOB.

Indian pepper special grade MG1-ASTA priced at 6,700 USD/ton, FOB. Brazilian pepper exports Brazil1 grade at $6,200/ton, Brazilian grade 2 at $6,100/ton and Brazil-ASTA at $6,300/ton, FOB. Indonesian pepper grade MG1-ASTA is also priced at $6,300/ton, FOB.

The domestic price of bucket pepper dropped slightly to 108,000 VND/kg but the market was barely active. All promises are waiting for the holiday to celebrate National Reunification Day 30/4 and Labor Day 1/5 which will be extended through 2 days of the beginning of next week.

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