Where to buy fresh peppercorns? Direct from the farm

where to buy fresh peppercorns Australia
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Where to buy fresh peppercorns? Direct from the farm

You are still wondering where to buy fresh peppercorns & where to buy fresh green peppercorns that are direct from the farm. Many people buy Australian peppercorns from supermarket and get bored of eating it because they have no taste. I got bad impression about the peppercorns in the market after my research in Melbourne. I also bought some bulk peppercorns Australia, but there is no difference. About 80% of peppercorns in supermarket (even in Woolworths, Aldi, IGA and Coles) are low quality pepper. The reason is that distributors buy raw peppercorns from growers and they mix pepper with other things such as rice and paw paw seeds to reduce the costs and increase their profit. This is disgusting to us !

Chu Se Pepper was established to avoid this bad experience from customers. We are the growers from Vietnam and make our brands. Our mission is to help people all over the world enjoin the real fresh and aroma peppercorns.

Chu Se pepper would like to introduce to you some of our organic products that are fresh from the farm. One experiment that you can rely on to check the freshness of the peppercorns is to check the manufacturer and expire date. Normally, best before date of peppercorns is 2 years after the manufacturer date.

In fact, the expire date also depends on another factor. It is moisture. The standard of peppercorn expire date is 2 years which is used for export product. The moisture of the export pepper is 13%. One of the outstanding qualities of Chu Se Pepper is 10% moisture. This means that with Chu Se pepper, you can keep it up to 3.5 years if you preserve it properly.

Where to buy fresh peppercorns?

Pepper is harvested from mature pepper (red or yellow pepper), then we dry them under the sun. Their colors will turn black. These peppercorns are called black peppercorns. Apart from black peppercorns, we also provide white peppercorns, black pepper powder, or while pepper powder.

There are variety of peppercorn grades. Farmers can not grow the same peppercorns quality even though they use the same kind of pepper origin. Chu Se town is the leading pepper producer of premium black pepper. We are famous for producing heavy and firm peppercorns. This can be measured by density. Density decides how heavy the pepper is. The higher the density of black peppercorns is, the better quality they have. The high density also means that the peppercorns contain more nutrients. If the inside part of pepper is light, the peppercorns do not contain enough nutrients which have been clarified in scientific research.

Whole black pepper

In order to produce high quality black pepper, the picked pepper must be ripe and firm, especially the color is red. After picking pepper, pepper is put through the machine to remove stalks. Afterwards, we put them outside for drying. It will take several days to finish this process.

Black pepper export standard: density from 500g / l, moisture <= 13% & impurity <1%. The pepper is well preserved from being dehumidified again.

If the black pepper is below the standard, the price will be different.

Actually for profit purposes there are many manufactures and distributors do not keep the quality of black pepper products. They put other substances such as papaya seeds, chemicals into peppercorns, or they mix them with cement with the purpose of increasing pepper weight.  As reported by some press, it strongly affected the quality of pepper products, .. this is true.

Cracked black pepper

Many people have bad experience when they use low-quality cracked pepper. In reality, the distributors mix the peppercorns with something else similar to cracked black pepper as they have the same size and color. Normal people can not recognize them easily by their naked eyes. Therefore, it is hard for consumers to choose know where is the reliable places where to buy fresh peppercorns.

Chu Se pepper is right here to solve this problem for you! We always use high quality peppercorns from the organic farm. We do not mix pepper with anything, our cracked black pepper is pure pepper from the trees.

Australian peppercorns

Many of you might go to Woolworths to find Australian peppercorns in there before. I used to work in xxx company, they also use Woolworths pepper in the kitchen. I found a strange thing inside the bottle. This is just against what is on the description of the product: “whole pepper”. Whole pepper means that in the products, there are 100% peppercorns without any other stuff. Here is the picture that I got from there:

Woolworths peppercorns
Woolworths peppercorns

Final thought

Above are some of the Chu Se Pepper’s views on the quality of pepper products in the market. We answered some question:

  • Where to buy fresh peppercorns in Autralia?

When buying pepper products you should pay attention on some characteristics of pepper as described by Chu Se Pepper in the article.

In addition, you should choose a prestigious, familiar pepper brand such as Chu Se pepper. When you buy pepper in supermarket such as Coles, Aldi, Woolworths it does not mean that their peppercorns are high-quality. We need to check other information of product such as moisture, density, purity, organic.

Using the right pepper not only help promote all the benefits of black pepper such as: help add flavor to dishes .. the most important thing is to ensure the health for you and your family.

Chu Se Pepper is a family-owned organic black pepper grower from Chu Se town, Gia Lai province, Vietnam. We are the first family in local town export pepper to other parts of the world. As a manufacturer, we take care of every step of planting pepper to selling pepper to customers.

Thanks to the favorable soil and weather condition in Chu Se town, we can grow pepper very easily. We just need some more techniques to improve the the quality of pepper. We guarantee that do not use chemical fertilizers for our pepper. We got HACCP certificate from the local Agriculture Department. They already checked the chemical components in our products. Therefore, we are certified to sell them Australia.

With the goal of bringing fresh black peppercorns to everyone, Chu Se Pepper always put quality in the top priority, not for profit.

Chu Se Pepper products include black pepper, white pepper, ground pepper, and cracked pepper.

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