Vietnam black pepper price today 22/6: Decreased by 1000vnd/kg

vietnam black pepper price today 23-06-2018

Vietnam black pepper price today 22/6: Decreased by 1000vnd/kg

The article will discuss Vietnam Black Pepper Price Today 22/06/2018

Vietnam black pepper price today 22/6: Decreased by 1000vnd/kg

The price of Vietnam pepper today in 22/6 suddenly decreased 1,000-VND / kg in many localities. At this time pepper prices are collected by businesses and agencies around 54,000 to 57,000 VND / kg.

Currently, Chu Se (Gia Lai) today dropped by VND1,000 / kg to VND54,000 / kg.

In Dak Lak, Dak Nong pepper prices today also decreased by 1,000 VND / kg to 55,000 VND / kg.

Meanwhile pepper prices in Binh Phuoc today was 56,000 VND / kg after dropping 2,000 VND / kg in last Friday.

In Chau Duc (Ba Ria-Vung Tau province) pepper price after falling VND2,000 / kg last week was VND 57,000 / kg, still the highest pepper price in the region. .

Similarly, Dong Nai pepper price was 56,000 VND / kg.

Coffee price

Coffee price increased 200 VND / kg

Coffee price returned to 36,000 VND / kg

Coffee price in June 22nd in localities increased for the second consecutive day with an increase of 200 VND / kg. The price of highland coffee ranges from 35,100 to 36,100 VND / kg, with the common price is 35,900 – 36,000 VND / kg.

Specifically, in Bao Loc district (Lam Dong) coffee price today after increasing 200 VND / kg is selling at 35,100 VND / kg, coffee price in Di Linh, Lam Ha at 34,900-35,000 VND / Kg. Lam Dong has the lowest coffee prices.

Coffee prices in Cu M’gar district (Dak Lak), Ea H’leo (Dak Lak) after increasing 200 VND today, the price ranged from 35,900 to 36,000 VND / kg. Coffee price in Buon Ho district at 35,900 VND / kg.

In Gia Lai, the coffee price today after increasing 200 VND / kg is currently selling at 36,100 VND / kg. The price of Gia Lai coffee is the highest in the country.

In Kon Tum the coffee price today is 36,000 VND / kg.

Meanwhile Dak Nong province’s coffee price today was 35,900 VND / kg.

The price of Robusta coffee in Ho Chi Minh City is 37,500 VND / kg

The Colombian Coffee Federation has taken the lead in opposing the current international coffee price and in particular the New York market, which is used as a reference for the price applicable to the export of Arabica coffee that has been cleaned. However, the global coffee production community can in fact do nothing to counteract the negative effects of the dominance of market hedge funds. With the current low prices will cause farmers to reduce investment in fertilizer, chemicals. As a result, agricultural production will decline. Meanwhile, many coffee growers are turning to more efficient crops like butter and pea pods.

Declining coffee production and replacing it with alternative crops could prevent the increase in global coffee production. Meanwhile there is steady growth

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