Vietnam black pepper price 20/07/2018

vietnam black pepper price 20-07-2018

Vietnam black pepper price 20/07/2018

Vietnam black Pepper prices on July 20th 2018 went the third consecutive day at 52,000 to 54,000 VND / kg. In particular, the highest pepper price was in Ba Ria – Vung Tau and the lowest in Dak Lak and Dak Nong.


Coffee price

Coffee price today (July 20) fluctuated from 34,200 to 35,300 VND / kg in the Central Highlands, up 200-400 VND / kg compared to yesterday. In particular, coffee prices in Cu M’gar area, Ea H’leo highest reached 35,300 VND / kg and lowest in the Di Linh area at 34,200 VND / kg.

The price of coffee delivered at HCM port increased 300 VND / kg to 36,700 VND / kg.

On July 19, at 1630 GMT (GMT) on the ICE floor, robusta coffee delivered in September rose 1.2% to $ 1,671 per ton. Arabica coffee delivered in September at 17:30 (GMT) increased 0.4% to 108.6 UScent / pound.

Coffee prices rise after India said the prolonged heavy rainfall may adversely affect the output of this coffee.

In India, coffee production in the 2018-209 season is expected to decline due to heavy rains in the main coffee producing regions of Karnataka state. The two largest coffee producing provinces of India are Chikkanmagaluru and Hassan, which account for 70% of the country’s production, can face the risk of fruit fall and some coffee roots.

“The rainfall of the past days is 30-40% higher than the same period last year and the soil moisture has exceeded the regulations. As the fruits start to fall, it is very difficult to accurately quantify the damage in this season, “said H T Pramod, chairman of the Karnataka Crop Production Association.

Update rubber prices

the TOCOM (Japan), the price of rubber delivered in December at 11h25 on July 20 (local time) fell 1.6% to 171.6 yen per kg, trading volume reached 1,100 transactions. At the SHFE (Shanghai) floor at 10:33 on July 20 (local time), the price of rubber delivered in September fell 55 yuan to 10,295 yuan / ton.

Sri Lanka Rubber Association recently said the United States removed 0.95% tax on imported rubber from the country. The association also said that this decision will create a driving force for high growth in the country.

In domestic market, SVR CV price on July 19 dropped 45 VND / kg to 40,119 VND / kg. At the same time, SVR L rubber price dropped slightly by VND11 to VND37,731 per kg.

Update sugar prices

Sugar prices at 16h59 on July 19 dropped 0.9 percent to 10.9 US cents per pound. Sugar production in central South Brazil for the 2018-2019 season is forecast to fall to 28 million tonnes, lower than the previous forecast of 31 million tonnes due to sharp falls in sugar prices. Sugarcane indebtedness by the end of June rose to Rs 18bn.

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