Update price of pepper (March 23, 2020)

Pepper prices today throughout the Central Highlands and the South continued unchanged. For the whole region, pepper prices fluctuated between VND 36,000 / kg and VND 39,500 / kg, according to tintaynguyen.com. In particular, pepper prices in Dong Nai province are the lowest and highest in Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

The provincial

/ district (survey area)

Purchase price

Unit: VND / kg

– Ea H’leo 38,000
– Chu Se 36,000
Dak Nong
– Chiayi 38,000
– Average price 39,500
– Average price 38,500
– Average price 36,000

Nguon Lay, Chairman of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association, said that at the end of December 2019, the Association sold about 50 tons of pepper, lower than the 68 tons in 2018, according to Khmer Times January 3.

“Pepper productivity has increased and good quality,” said Mr. Nguon.

Of the sold pepper, 30% is consumed in the domestic market, mainly for tourist shops and 70% is exported.

“Pepper sales at souvenir shops in Cambodia have dropped. Previously they could sell about 7-8 tons but now only sell 1-2 tons, “Mr. Nguon added.

The Kampot Pepper Promotion Association has 455 members including farmers and companies with pepper plantations.

These plantations cover 290 hectares of land in Kampong Trach district, Kampot province.

The main markets of Kampot pepper are EU, USA, Japan, China and Korea.

Hay Ly Eang, president of Confirel Company – one of the Campuhia pepper exporters, said the quality of pepper would be improved to maintain demand abroad.

The Kampot Pepper Promotion Association sells black pepper for $ 15,000 / ton, while the price of red and white pepper is USD 25,000 / ton and USD 28,000 / ton respectively.

Update coffee prices

The price of coffee today in the Central Highlands region remained unchanged, fluctuating between 30,400 – 30,800 VND / kg. In particular, the price of coffee in Lam Dong province is the lowest and highest in Kon Tum according to tintaynguyen.com.

Coffee price at warehouses around the port of Ho Chi Minh City increased by 45 USD / ton to 1,352 USD / ton.

The provincial

/ district (survey area)

Purchase price

VND / kg

Lam Dong
– Lam Ha ROBUSTA 30,400
– Bao Loc ROBUSTA 30,400
– Di Linh ROBUSTA 30,300
– Residential M’gar ROBUSTA 30,800
– Ea H’leo ROBUSTA 30,600
– Buon Ho ROBUSTA 30,600
– Pleiku ROBUSTA 30,600
– Chu Prong ROBUSTA 30,500
– Ia Grai ROBUSTA 30,600
Dak Nong
– Chiayi ROBUSTA 30,600
– Dak R’lap ROBUSTA 30,500
– Dak Ha ROBUSTA 30,800
– R1 32,100

The price of robusta coffee delivered in May 2020 increased by 2.3% to 1,245 USD / ton. Price of arabica coffee delivered in May 5/2020 increased by 6% to 119.8 UScent / pound.

In the first 12 days of March 2020, Robusta coffee prices have had strong recovery sessions due to concerns about the supply has been affected by prolonged heavy rains in Brazil recently.

According to the cyclical factor, rain at this time will help coffee trees grow well, but heavy rain is affecting the roots badly, causing leaves and fruits to fall, and making it easier for pests to attack coffee trees. With this situation, coffee output in the crop year 2020/21 will be difficult to reach a record level as in the crop year 2018/19.

Besides, Vietnamese coffee growers have restricted selling due to low prices, contributing to reducing oversupply pressure. However, in the coming time, it is difficult for the price of coffee to recover strongly as the supply will be added as soon as Brazil and Indonesia enter a new harvest starting in April 2020.

In addition, the complicated Covid-19 epidemic stopped the value chains and supply chains, reducing the amount of coffee consumed in the system of coffee shops.

According to a report of the Brazilian Government, the country's coffee exports in February 2020 reached 2,810 thousand bags, an increase of 3.1% compared to January 2020, but down 9.1% compared to February 2019. The main reason is that the Brazilian crop of 2019/20 coffee produced a low production according to the “two-year-one” cycle, while the crop year 2018/19 has reached a record high.

Despite this, Brazilian coffee growers will continue to step up sales as they are about to enter the new crop of 2020/21 crop. Besides, Brazilian coffee growers boost sales activities due to the decrease of the Real currency.

According to VietnamBiz

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