Update pepper prices (June 30, 2020)

This morning according to the page tintaynguyen.comThe price of raw material purchased in the Central Highlands and the South was stable compared to the previous day.

In particular, the provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong stood still at VND 48,500 / kg. In Gia Lai, it is VND 47,000 / kg.

In Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, the price of pepper today was 50,000 VND / kg, the highest price in the whole region.

In Dong Nai province, pepper price today is at 47,000 VND / kg, this is the locality with the lowest price in the whole region, Binh Phuc is quiet at 48,500 VND / kg.

The average price of pepper is now up to 48,000 VND / kg.

Province / district (survey area) Purchasing price Unit: VND / kg
– Ea H’leo 48,500
– Chu Se 47,000
Dak Nong
– Chiayi 48,500
– Average price 50,000
– Average price 48,500
– Average price 47,000

Domestic coffee prices

This morning from the page tintaynguyen.com the price of green coffee in the Central Highlands provinces increased simultaneously to 400 VND / kg, the price ranges from 30,300 – 31,100 VND / kg.

In particular, the price of coffee today Bao Loc, Lam Ha (Lam Dong) increased by VND 400 / kg to VND 30,400 / kg, similar to Di Linh’s coffee price to VND 30,300 / kg.

The price of coffee in Cu M’gar, Ea H’leo, Buon Ho (Dak Lak) increased to VND 31,000 – 31,100 / kg.

Similarly, the price of coffee in Gia Lai (Chu Prong, Pleiku and Ia Grai) is trading at VND 30,700 – VND 30,800 / kg.

Coffee price in Dak Nong increased by VND 400 / kg, including Dak R’lap and Gia Nghia, selling around VND 30,700 – VND 30,800 / kg. The price of coffee in Kon Tum (Dak Ha) is VND 30,700 / kg.

The price of R1 coffee delivered at Ho Chi Minh City port was at 32,500 VND / kg.

Province / district (survey area) Purchasing price VND / kg
Lam Dong
– Lam Ha ROBUSTA 30,400
– Bao Loc ROBUSTA 30,400
– Di Linh ROBUSTA 30,300
– Residential M’gar ROBUSTA 31,100
– Ea H’leo ROBUSTA 31,000
– Buon Ho ROBUSTA 31,000
– Pleiku ROBUSTA 30,800
– Chu Prong ROBUSTA 30,700
– Ia Grai ROBUSTA 30,800
Dak Nong
– Dak R’lap ROBUSTA 30,700
– Chiayi ROBUSTA 30,800
– Dak Ha ROBUSTA 30,700
– R1 32,500

In the world market continues to increase, robusta coffee prices in London delivered in September 2020 increased 2.17% to 1,178 USD / ton.

While in New York, arabica coffee prices in September 2020 increased by 3.57% to 100.1 US cents / pound.

Over the past two weeks, the domestic price of coffee has continuously decreased, causing coffee growers to not worry. However, the evolution of the coffee price market at the end of June 2020 brought positive hope and energy to people.

Germany, Italy and the US continue to be the three largest coffee consuming markets of Vietnam in the first 3 months of 2020 with market share of 16% (133.7 million USD), 8.6% (72.2, respectively). million USD) and 8.5% (70.7 million USD).

Brazil’s coffee output is expected to be at a record level, including 48.6 million bags of arabica coffee and 20.1 million bags of robusta coffee. World coffee inventories rose to a 6-year high, reaching 42 million bags (60 kg bags), according to the US Department of Agriculture.

According to VietnamBiz

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