Pepper price increased by VND 500 / kg (July 3, 2020)

From the page, prices of raw materials purchased in the Central Highlands and the South increased again to VND 500 / kg.

In particular, the provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong increased by VND 500 / kg to VND 49,500 / kg. In Gia Lai, it was similar to VND 48,500 / kg.

In Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, pepper price today was 51,000 VND / kg, the highest price in the whole region.

In Dong Nai province, pepper price today is at VND 48,000 / kg, this is the locality with the lowest price in the whole region, Binh Phuc increased VND 500 / kg with VND 49,500 / kg.

Pepper price today is currently up to 48,000 VND / kg.

Province / district (survey area) Purchasing price Unit: VND / kg
– Ea H’leo 49,500
– Chu Se 48,500
Dak Nong
– Chiayi 49,500
– Average price 51,000
– Average price 49,500
– Average price 48,000

According to the General Department of Customs, pepper exports in June 2020 reached 25 thousand tons, worth US $ 56 million, down 17.6% in volume and 8% in value compared to May 2020. , compared to June 2019, it decreased by 18.5% in volume and by 25.5% in value.

Generally for the first 6 months of 2020, export of pepper reached 172 thousand tons, worth US $ 365 million, down 2.9% in volume and 19% in value over the same period in 2019.

Generally, in the first 5 months of 2020, export of pepper reached 146.8 thousand tons, worth US $ 309.33 million, up 0.4% in volume, but down 17.7% in value over the same period in 2019. .

Domestic coffee prices

This morning from the page the price of green coffee in the Central Highlands provinces and the South above unchanged compared to the previous session, the price ranges from 30,900 – 33,200 VND / kg.

In particular, the price of coffee today Bao Loc, Lam Ha (Lam Dong) increased by VND 400 / kg to VND 31,000 / kg, similar to Di Linh’s coffee price to VND 30,900 / kg.

Coffee prices in Cu M’gar, Ea H’leo, Buon Ho (Dak Lak) stood still at 31,700 VND / kg, then in Cu M’gar cost 31,800 VND / kg. (Pleiku and Ia Grai) VND 31,400 / kg.

Coffee prices in Dak Nong include Dak R’lap and Gia Nghia selling around VND 31,300 – VND 31,400 / kg. The price of coffee in Kon Tum (Dak Ha) is VND 31,300 / kg.

The price of R1 coffee delivered at Ho Chi Minh City port was unchanged with the previous session at VND 33,200 / kg.

Province / district (survey area) Purchasing price VND / kg
Lam Dong
– Bao Loc ROBUSTA 31,000
– Di Linh ROBUSTA 30,900
– Lam Ha ROBUSTA 31,000
– Residential M’gar ROBUSTA 31,800
– Ea H’leo ROBUSTA 31,700
– Buon Ho ROBUSTA 31,700
– Pleiku ROBUSTA 31,400
– Ia Grai ROBUSTA 31,400
– Chu Prong ROBUSTA 31,300
Dak Nong
– Dak R’lap ROBUSTA 31,300
– Chiayi ROBUSTA 31,400
– Dak Ha ROBUSTA 31,300
– R1 33,200

In the world market decreased again, the price of robusta coffee in London delivered in September 2020 decreased by 0.17% to 1,202 USD / ton.

While in New York, arabica coffee prices in September 2020 decreased by 0.77% to 103.2 US cents / pound.

In June 2020, the domestic coffee price continued to decrease according to the world market, but the rate of decline has slowed down. According to estimates, coffee exports in June 2020 increased by 7.5% in volume and 7.4% in value compared to May 5/2020. Vietnam’s coffee market share in total imports of Russia decreased.

For the first 6 months of 2020, coffee exports were estimated at 955 thousand tons, valued at US $ 1,609 billion, up 3.7% in volume and 2.5% in value over the same period in 2019, according to the data. Import and Export Department.

According to VietnamBiz

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