Official stop customs clearance at Lung Vai border gate – Coc Nam

Information from the Chinese Customs, the current transport of goods through the residential area at the pair of Lung Vai border gate (Bang Tuong) – Coc Nam (Lang Son) does not meet the requirements of goods inspection and control. goods according to regulations. Therefore, in order to ensure the regulations, the Chinese side will invest in building a specialized transport route and ask Lang Son to report to the superior to consider opening this route.

Officially use the official account of the South Korean actor
Import and export activities through Coc Nam border gate are expected to face many difficulties in the near future. Photo: H. Mu

Accordingly, the Chinese side has just announced to Chinese enterprises, from July 1, Lung Vai sub-border will be closed and temporarily stopped its professional activities. The Chinese side asked businesses that export goods to Vietnam based on the situation of goods, selecting customs clearance locations to carry out import and export activities.

On the Chinese side, if goods are fruits, enterprises should go through Po Chai border gate (adjacent to Tan Thanh – Lang Son), and if goods are dry, jam cake, they should go through Dau Ai border gate. (adjacent to Po Nhung) and Keo Ai border gate (Na Hinh).

The Chinese side emphasized that, before June 30, the goods that merchants want to go through Lung Vai border gate, suggest enterprises to arrange an appropriate export arrangement to ensure that before the closure of the border gate, the goods are not stagnated leading to unworthy losses.

Talking to the reporter, Mr. Nguyen Tien Bo, Director of Huu Nghi Border Gate Customs Sub-Department, said that in this morning (June 29), the unit also held a meeting with Bang Tuong Customs. on suspending import and export activities at Coc Nam – Lung Vai sub-border.

Here, the Chinese side informs and requests the Lang Son side (Vietnam) to coordinate to ensure the clearance of goods is safe. At the same time, propagating for businesses to know, have specific plans to move goods to other border gates to facilitate procedures.

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