International & Vietnam Black Pepper Price today 20/06/2018

vietnam black pepper price today 20-06-2018

Vietnam Black Pepper Price today 20/06/2018

Vietnam black pepper price today

The price of Vietnam pepper today ranged from 54,000 to 57,000 VND / kg, unchanged from 19/6. Of which, pepper in Ba Ria – Vung Tau was the highest at 57,000 VND / kg.

Update prices of coffee

Coffee price today (20/6) fluctuated in the range of 34,700 – 35,700 VND / kg, down about 100 VND / kg compared to yesterday.

Explaining the price of coffee in recent sessions, Nguyen Nam Hai, Vice Chairman of Cocoa Coffee Association said that the Fed increased interest rates last week put pressure on the market. At the same time, increased world coffee production is also a factor that causes prices to drop in the long run.

A report from the World Coffee Organization (ICO) said that world coffee production for the 2017-2020 season was estimated at 159.66 million bags, up 1.2 percent from a year earlier.

In particular, Arabica production is expected to fall 4.6% to 97.43 million bags, while Robusta production is forecast to rise 12.1% to 62.24 million bags.

Output is expected to increase in all regions except South America, with an estimated drop of 6.1 percent to 70.59 million bags.

Coffee output in Africa is estimated to increase 3.2% to 17.66 million bags; in Asia and Oceania increased by 10% to 49.49 million bags; in Mexico and Central America, up 7.1% to 21.92 million bags.

According to the ICO, coffee production is expected to increase in 18 largest coffee producing countries.

In the world market, in September robusta coffee prices on ICE on June 19 remained at a lows of at least 2 years at $ 1,684 / ton, reduced by 0.17% compared to June 18.

Update rubber prices

At 10:10 am on the TOCOM floor, the price of rubber  in November rose 0.9 percent to 174.6 yen per kilogram. At SHFE (Shanghai), the price of rubber in January 2019 dropped sharply by 30 yuan to 11,955 yuan / ton.

Recently, the US continues to impose a 10% tax on Chinese imports of $ 200 billion. Beijing warns that there will be strong measures to respond. Trade tensions between the US and China sparked a tension on June 19, dragging down rubber prices in Shanghai by as much as 7 percent.

In addition, many experts are concerned that President Donald Trump will impose new import taxes on automobiles produced in Japan, which in turn will reduce demand for tires as well as rubber.

Update sugar prices

Sugar futures for July on the ICE Futures US went down by 0.6 percent at 11.9 US cents per lb., the highest trading volume in a row of 33,114.

The market is worried about the excess supply of sugar. Robobank expects 2018 to be the second consecutive year of overcapacity in the world, mainly due to higher production in Thailand and India.

A trader in Europe said “Brazil is trying to reduce production but can not compensate for increased sugar in other countries.”

Update cocoa prices

Cocoa for September in New York fell by $ 23, or 0.9 percent, to $ 2,453 a tonne. In London, prices  in September rose 0.5 percent to 1,777 pounds.

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