How to become a distributor for black peppercorns

If you are looking to become a distributor for black peppercorns, you are in the right place. Chu Se Pepper is a family-owned organic black pepper manufacturer in Vietnam for about 20 years.

In the past, we mainly supplied our pepper to local distributors in different parts of Vietnam. Now we export our products to any countries in the world.

What makes us different

  • Chu Se Pepper provides premium quality black pepper grown in Chu Se town, Gia Lai province. Our hometown has the best weather and soil conditions to grow pepper trees (Piper Nigrum) so local people can always have the highest pepper productivity in the world.
  • Chu Se Pepper brand is certified to Chu Se Pepper Association by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (Ministry of Science and Technology). The Vietnamese government emphasizes that Chu Se Pepper brand is the strong brand in export sector.
  • As a pepper grower, we really take care of every single tree as we consider them as our family members. We always make sure our products come to the customer with 100% satisfaction.
  • We understand the importance of environment so we only produce organic products for promoting sustainable agriculture.

How to become a distributor for black peppercorns

how to become a black pepper distributor

There are two ways that you can become a distributor for black peppercorns via Chu Se Pepper

Send us an email through:

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