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Chu se pepper
Chu se pepper

My name is Sac. I am a member of Chu Se Pepper Association. The association exclusively allows all members to use Chu Se Pepper logo to represent their products. I am very proud to have it on all of my black pepper labels.

I was born in Ninh Binh province, located in the North of Vietnam. After the Vietnam war, the government introduced a new economic scheme encouraging people from the north to move to the south and undeveloped lands to foster the local economies.

I decided to move to a small village in Central Highland called Chu Se town where there was just a plain land and had poor plantations and cultivation.

Chu Se, Gia Lai, Viet Nam
Chu Se, Gia Lai, Viet Nam

After I migrated to Chu Se town for several years, the local people started to grow horticultural crops such as coffee, rubber, and pepper farms.

As Chu Se has a favorable weather condition and the best suitable soil (red soil – Basalt) for growing horticultural plants, pepper productions and cultivation in Chu Se town have developed quickly and have gradually become the major economy of my hometown.

Now, Chu Se has the highest pepper productivity and is the most prestigious black pepper brand in the world

Almost every Chu Se family has their own pepper farms and black pepper becomes our spirits and culture.

You should not be surprised that one of the common topics in daily conversation of the “ChuSers” is: “ how many tons of pepper have you produced this year so far?

I am just like other “ChuSers”. I love pepper not just because it can provide me with stable income but also it is my passion. Pepper forms a part of the Chu Se community and grows along with the youth’s generation.