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                            Pepper prices are low, soldiers and police help people harvest

On February 16, the Military Command of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province mobilized many trucks and hundreds of soldiers and militia and army to the self-defense district to Chau Duc district to harvest pepper for people according to the text. submitted by Chau Duc District People's Committee earlier. On the same day, hundreds of […]

                            Sadness in the billions of dollars industry: 5 years of growing area tripled, “covering” 60% of the world export, but now Vietnamese farmers “tear eyes” when the price fell from 10 USD to 2 USD / kg

“This is the most difficult period of Vietnam pepper,” Vietnam Pepper Association Chairman Nguyen Nam Hai opened the story of a new category last year that was on the “billion USD” export list. By the end of 2018, pepper officially lost the billion dollar export milestone. According to data from the Import-Export Department – Ministry […]

                            The spiral of debt surrounded the “capital” of pepper

From the price of 220,000 VND / kg to 46-48,000 VND / kg, the land of billionaire pepper now becomes a burden. Many billionaires in the “capital” of Gia Lai pepper racing in the whirlwind of “black gold” have momentarily turned into a “bad debt” … Borrowing billions, the debt does not know when to […]

                            Pepper prices are falling

In the first quarter of 2019, domestic pepper prices fluctuated in the downward trend with a decrease of 6,000 – 6,500 VND / kg. Pepper prices plummeted due to too much output, which led to oversupply. In the first week of April, pepper prices in the market continued to fall further from VND 500 – […]

                            Tears named pepper and solutions: A golden age

Remember, about five years ago, I wrote a series of articles about the people in the Central Highlands cut off smallholder rubber trees to grow pepper because then, the price of pepper was at its peak (200-250 thousand VND / kg. ), while the price of rubber is … plummeting without braking! Chopping rubber, planting […]

                            Many surprises at the appeal session mixed coal battery into pepper

On April 22, at the headquarters of the People's Court of Dak Nong Province, the High Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened an appellate hearing to hear the case of “Violating the regulations on food safety” in the line mixed with coal battery dye. pepper to make a profit. The defendants at the appellate […]

                            The case of mixing core batteries into pepper for sale: Shivering the statements of the defendants

On April 22, in Dak Nong, Senior People's Court in TP. HCM opened an appellate trial hearing the case “Violation of regulations on food safety”. Photos at Ms. Loan's facility. Earlier, at the end of 2018, in the first instance, the People's Court of Dak Nong sentenced the defendants Phan Thi Dung (SN 1962, resident […]

                            The price of pepper fell from VND 250,000 to VND 41,000 / kg

At the review conference of pepper year 2018-2019 organized by Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) on May 10 in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai, VPA President, said that in 2018 pepper prices will maintain. If it is around VND 55,000-60,000 / kg, it will continue to decrease to around VND 41,000 / kg, […]

                            Pepper is under great price pressure

Previously, the price of domestic pepper was up to 250,000 VND / kg, now it drops to only 41,000 VND / kg. This has caused pepper growers to fall into a price crisis, only those who grow pepper self-harvest a little profit, while hiring harvesting workers as losses. According to the International Pepper Association, in […]

                            Pepper growers beckon the bank

On the afternoon of May 10, a working session between the State Bank and Gia Lai province took place on solving difficulties for people lending to grow pepper at the headquarters of the State Bank of Gia Lai Province. Attending the meeting, on the side of the State Bank, there were Deputy Governor Dao Minh […]