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Trade deficit returns in the first 5 months of 2021

According to a report of the General Statistics Office, import and export activities in May 2021 were affected by the fourth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic that broke out again, causing the production activities of some enterprises in the industrial park. seriously affected. However, the total import and export turnover of goods in the first […]

Sea freight rates increase hotly from Asia to Europe, up to 10,000 USD in some places

According to Bloomberg, a shipping industry index shows that freight rates from Asia to Europe have jumped to more than $ 10,000. The losses of importers and exporters are increasing day by day. The World Container Index published by consulting firm Drewry on May 27 showed that the ocean freight rate for a 400-foot container […]

Completing ‘rescue’ 62 containers of pepper stuck in Nepal

Regarding 61/62 export containers of pepper of Vietnamese enterprises that have been stuck in Nepal since April 2020, before the efforts of the Vietnamese side, the Nepalese Ministry of Industry, Trade and Materials has actively reviewed and resolve the case. Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Materials of Nepal has sent an official dispatch […]

The price of pepper has just increased, Dak Nong farmers have “accelerated” to expand the area

Pepper prices increased, Dak Nong farmers did not hesitate to expand the pepper area. Photo: Bao Lam Again “plunge” pepper becauseā€¦ high price Realizing that pepper prices have increased and are relatively stable in the past few months, farmers in Dak Nong province have “warmed up” the development of pepper area. In the early days […]

Pepper exports for the whole year of 2020 increase in quantity but decrease in price

In December 2020, the price of black pepper in Indonesia increased sharply by 8.9%, while Vietnam increased by 1.7%, India increased by 0.5% and the price of white pepper in China increased by 4.7%, Malaysia up 2.9%, Vietnam up 1.1%, according to data from the International Pepper Community (IPC). Pepper farmers in Vietnam to harvest […]

Pepper exports in January 2021 increased in both volume and price

Vietnam is currently harvesting a new pepper crop with an estimated output of 180,000 tons, which will be the lowest output crop in the past 5 years. Read more : >> Vietnam: pepper exports for the whole year 2020 increase, but prices decrease. Members of Nam Yang Agricultural and Service Cooperative harvest pepper. According to […]

Global pepper production declined in the past year after increasing in the previous decade

Total imports of 8 pepper consuming countries were recorded at 15,503 tons at the end of 2020, according to news from BusinessLine. A pepper garden in China’s Hainan Island Global pepper production in the past 10 years has increased by 72%, to 561,500 tons compared to 234,418 tons in 2010. However, in the past year, […]

Pepper exports in February 2021 decreased sharply in both quantity and price

According to the report of the International Pepper Community (IPC), as of July 2020, China has become the second largest importer, after the US. Read more : >> Vietnam: pepper exports in January 2021 increased in both quantity and price. Farmers in Ea Kenh commune, Krong Pak, Dak Lak dry the new crop. According to […]

Pepper prices enter the “shake” cycle

In just about 20 days, pepper prices continuously fluctuated, sometimes skyrocketing to 80,000 VND/kg, then fluctuated around 73-75,000 VND/kg. Around this issue, the reporter of Gia Lai Newspaper had an exchange with Mr. Hoang Phuoc Binh – Standing Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of Chu Se Pepper Association. People in Chu Puh district harvest pepper. […]