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Ham Yen Cam lost its crop but did not lose its value

Source: Compared to last year’s crop, Cam Ham yen reduced output by 20,000 tons, but compensated for the higher price. Photo: Dao Thanh. The total area of ​​oranges for harvest in Ham Yen district is now more than 6,400 hectares, with an estimated output of 83,000 to 84,000 tons. Sanh oranges still occupy the […]

Why is the pepper price still unable to exceed the important threshold of VND 90,000/kg?

Source: Market shakes at important price levels The pepper market started November with good signals when the price returned to the level of 90,000 VND/kg. However, this price was only maintained for the first two days of the month, then quickly adjusted to the price of 88,000 VND/kg. It seems that this is not […]

Fertilizer export market in 9 months of 2021

Source: According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs, in September 2021 fertilizer exports increased again after 4 consecutive months of decline, September 2021 increased by nearly 5.8% in volume and 15.8% in value. quota compared to August 2021 and increased by 9.5% in price, reaching 88,326 tons, equivalent to 37.64 million […]

Xuất khẩu sữa sang Trung Quốc không tăng trưởng như kỳ vọng

Nguồn: Theo thống kê của Bộ NN&PTNT, 9 tháng năm 2021, xuất khẩu sản phẩm chăn nuôi đạt 294,4 triệu USD, tăng 15,2% so cùng kỳ 2020. Về mặt hàng, xuất khẩu sữa và sản phẩm sữa đạt 87 triệu USD, là mặt hàng chăn nuôi xuất khẩu có kim ngạch lớn nhất, tăng […]

Tea exports in 9 months of 2021 decreased in both volume and value

Source: Particularly in September 2021, exports 11,695 tons, reaching 20.33 million USD, priced at 1,738.5 USD/ton, up 13% in volume and 16.6% in turnover and up 3% in price compared to August 2021. . Vietnam’s tea exports the most to the Pakistani market, accounting for 30.4% of the total volume and 35.7% of the […]

Binh Thuan dragon fruit has a “passport” to Japan

The management activities of Binh Thuan dragon fruit GI after protection will be a big challenge for all levels and branches of Binh Thuan province. Source: Internet The GI of Binh Thuan dragon fruit is the second GI of Vietnam officially protected in Japan. Registering a geographical indication can be considered as a “passport” to […]

Difficulty finding workers to harvest coffee

( Lak and the Central Highlands provinces are in the coffee harvest season. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, coffee harvesting is a big problem. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Duong, Director of Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: This year, the consumption of fruit trees The province’s key crops such as pineapple, mango, durian and […]