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Xuất khẩu hồ tiêu tháng 04/2022 lượng giảm nhưng giá tăng

Kỳ vọng các thị trường tiêu thụ hồ tiêu chính của thế giới sẽ sớm trở lại hoạt động bình thường để xuất khẩu hồ tiêu Việt Nam lấy lại sức tăng trong những tháng tới. Đọc thêm : >> Việt Nam: xuất khẩu hồ tiêu tháng 03/2022 tăng cả lượng lẫn giá. Nhà nông ở huyện […]

Bio-Organic Fertilizer

INNOLITE CO., LTD, would like to introduce to you the product lines of microbial organic fertilizers imported from the United States, bio-organic fertilizers from Neem (Orange) trees imported from India. NITRYX SP microbial ORGANIC FERTILIZER Once upon a time, in agricultural production, our forefathers had a saying: The rice paddy is peeking out from the […]

Preventing diseases that damage pepper when the weather changes

The increasingly complex climate change leads to more diseases on crops. Especially, for pepper plants, which are considered the most demanding industrial plants, they are very susceptible to pests and diseases. Read more : >> Application of Streptomyces sp in agriculture Although pepper has a high price, bringing great economic benefits to farmers, the care […]

Application of actinomycetes Streptomyces sp in agriculture

Streptomyces sp. has been widely recognized as an important industrial microorganism due to its potential in the production of a wide range of secondary metabolites including antibiotics, antitumor agents, antiparasitic agents, and inhibitors. immunomodulatory and enzymes. Some typical active ingredients and products from actinomycetes: -Antibiotics: streptomycin, erythromycin, tetracycline, neomycin, chloramphenicol, vancomycin, gentamicin. Antifungal drugs: nystatin, […]

Nematodes & fungal diseases, the couple that damage the plant’s root system

In the process of researching – advising farmers to take care of fruit trees and seeds, the research team has been very successful when combining a pair of nematodes – fungal diseases to treat and restore many seemingly ideal orchards. Can not salvage… Nematode diseases: Nematodes on pepper plants include ectoparasites and internal parasites. They […]

Share your experience of fertilizing pepper plants

Reader Nguyen Minh Vinh sent an article to share his experience in growing and caring for pepper. would like to introduce the article to pepper growers and hope to receive many comments to share. Transplanting Pepper is an extremely difficult plant, but if you understand it well, there is nothing terrible. If you are […]

Sharing experiences to prevent pepper from dropping cotton and fruit continues to introduce a series of articles sharing the experience of growing and caring for pepper by Trinh Van Ba, an experienced pepper farmer in Ea K’Nop town, Ea Kar district, Dak Lak. The article concludes after many years of observation, learns the causes of pepper loss, fruit drop and shares some effective prevention […]