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Basic understanding of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer production for industrial processing Soil organic matter is considered as a criterion for assessing soil fertility. So any soil with a higher organic matter content will be better evaluated. For example, 2 soil types have nearly the same origin, but the analysis shows that 1 soil type has an organic matter content of […]

Pepper exports in June 2020 dropped sharply

In general, world pepper prices increased significantly in June but tended to decrease towards the end of the month due to the concern that the covid-19 disease epidemic was still spreading, while the prolonged low price of pepper is likely to make pepper production. Global decline significantly. Garden collectors have just picked According to preliminary […]

Pepper farmers have difficulty converting crops

In recent years, pepper prices have continuously decreased worms, many infected areas, fast death, slow death makes the life of pepper growers in Phu Yen difficult, in many localities farmers are tending to destroy this crop. Farmers take care of unspoiled pepper root. However, finding suitable crops to replace, stabilize output, create sustainable livelihoods is […]

To sanction a series of establishments trading in fake and low-quality fertilizers

Binh Phuoc provincial authorities have just discovered a series of fake and poor quality fertilizer shops in the area, thereby imposing a fine of hundreds of millions of dong … Authorities conducted an inspection of an agricultural supplies store Binh Phuoc authorities have just conducted the inspection and inspection of many agricultural material trading shops […]

Farmers struggled because the pepper price dropped dramatically

Pepper, once dubbed the “black gold,” is now a burden that makes farmers frustrated and frustrated, many people cut down pepper gardens, hoping for other crops. Pepper was once dubbed the “black gold,” helping many farmers in Dong Nai become billionaires. However, in recent years, the price of pepper has continuously set “sad records,” the […]

Day ended the questions

Fake fertilizers have been widespread in the market for a long time, causing public opinion. Many newspapers constantly reflect the suffering of farmers because of fake fertilizers, which only name the addresses of illegal fertilizer production, but many cases have not been treated enough to deter. Place of display of fake fertilizer products “Abducting forks” […]

Pepper exports in January 20/20 price increased slightly but decreased sharply

The average export price of pepper in the first month of 2020 has increased by 1.12% compared to the average export price of the last month of 2019. Farmers grow pepper in Vietnam to harvest new crops. The preliminary data report of the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed that pepper exports in January 20/20 […]