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Update: (Updated every 15’/time) Just compose a message: HOTIEU send to number 8288 You will immediately receive the latest price of pepper being traded. Price of pepper (Kochi – India) Period Price match Change % Amount Tallest The shortest Open door Yesterday Open Contract Trading results of IPSTA (India) exchange Period Price match Change Tallest […]

Chinese traders come to the garden to buy pepper again

After “overflowing” into the key pepper growing district of Gia Lai province, Chu Se, to buy pepper directly from gardeners, Chinese traders now continue to come to the pepper garden of Chau Duc district, where there is an area. The largest pepper grower in Ba Ria – Vung Tau to compete for pepper with traders, […]

Export price of pepper lost 500USD/ton in just 1 week

The price of domestic bucket pepper in just 1 week also dropped from 114,000 VND/kg to 107,000 VND/kg. While the World Pepper Association (IPC) commented: “Export pepper prices in India remained stable and increased by 3%”. At the beginning of last week, Vietnam’s export black pepper grade 500 Gr/l FAQ was being offered at $5,950/ton […]

Pepper prices continue to fall

This morning, June 6, the price of black pepper in a bucket in Ba Ria-Vung Tau was 97,000-98,000 VND/kg, in the Central Highlands 98,000-99,000 VND/kg, an average decrease of 9% in the past half month. Closing the session on the afternoon of Saturday, June 4, the world pepper price returned to Rs 29,172/quintal, equivalent to […]

World pepper prices increased sharply

Although supplies from Indonesia have hit the market, helping to improve the situation, pepper prices unexpectedly increased by nearly 5% this week. Ending the last session of the week yesterday afternoon, June 11, the world pepper price on the Kochi-India market increased sharply to Rs 30,293 per quintal and Rs 30,170 per quintal, equivalent to […]

The price of pepper in the country is hot again

This morning June 13, the price of bucket pepper in the Southeast region has increased to 110,000-111,000 VND/kg and in the Central Highlands lower than 1,000 VND/kg, the same price as on April 7. In the last Saturday session of the week, pepper prices in the world market have re-established a record when surpassing the […]

Traders increasingly dominate the pepper market

The fluctuations of pepper prices in recent days are actually led by agents and traders, instead of large exporting companies. After the world price of pepper on the Kochi-India exchange increased rapidly at the end of last week, the increase of all commodities on the world market, surpassing the record mark of Rs 30,000 per […]

Export price of pepper suddenly increased sharply

US customers pushed up buying prices in the world, pulling the export price of our country’s pepper by US$200-300/ton this week. At the end of the trading session on June 24, the price of pepper futures on the Kochi-India exchange once again surpassed the record of Rs 30,000 per quintal, causing the domestic price of […]

World pepper prices dropped sharply

Prices fell due to abundant supply when Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil entered the harvest season. After surpassing the record mark of Rs 30,000 in the session on June 22 and pulling the domestic pepper price back up to the mark of VND 110,000/kg in the middle of last week, pepper prices in the futures market […]

The price of pepper fluctuates unpredictably

The white pepper DW 630 Gr/l has had importers accept a very high price, possibly over 10,000 USD/ton because the source is really scarce. After 5 consecutive plunging sessions, the world pepper price on the Kochi-India futures market had a slight increase. Although the increase was not large, it caused the losing streak to slow […]