Australian Peppercorns: Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide

If you are looking for where to buy fresh peppercorns, Chu Se pepper is the best Australian peppercorns option. We provide different ranges of black pepper and white peppercorns Australia. The products include organic and non-organic products. At the moment, we don’t supply pink peppercorns, and cubeb berries Australia; however, these products are in progress. In addition, as many people want to buy more quantity for saving, we offer bulk peppercorns Australia. This will help your family, especially restaurant owners, or even groceries shop buy Aussie pepper with the best price. Black pepper price in Australia varies greatly. You may find Australian herbs and spices online store expensive; and the black pepper price in Asian groceries is cheap. This may confuse your decisions to buy peppercorns in Australia. Chu Se Pepper is here to help you choose the best decision.

Australian peppercorns

Do you think Australian peppercorns in supermarket are reliable?

Many people are wrong when they think that they can always find high quality products in supermarket, even in prestigious places such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and Cosco.

They accept to pay more expensive price for these products without hesitance as it is the big brand. And the big brands never sells bad products?

No ! it is not true.

I have grown black pepper for more than 20 years so when I look at the products, I can check whether they are good peppercorns or not.

I conducted a research about the quality of Australia black peppercorns and it’s related products. I found a shocked result. Do you want to know? This may disappoint you.

About 80% of black peppercorns in the market are unacceptable. There are many reasons that make these pepper have low standard. For example, the pepper is impure. The peppercorns products have foreign matters in the package such as dirt, insects, dried pepper stems, pepper leaves,… This is the result of not having a good grading system. The manufacturers may also rely too much on the production line, they do not double check the products. Therefore, there are some extraneous matters inside the products but they do not have ability to take them out.

Australian peppercorns – Woolworths

Australian peppercorns Woolworths
Australian peppercorns Woolworths

This is a typical example of the bad peppercorns in Australia. If you usually buy pepper from Woolworths, you can easily recognize this brand. The product’s name is “Peppercorns Whole”. It have to mean that just “whole pepper” included in the bottle, but there is one long dried pepper stem inside the bottle. This is ashamed for a big company like Woolworths to have this kind of product.

I think there is another possible reason why this happens to Woolworths. As Woolworth has manufacturers from other countries make their peppercorns Australia products. Therefore, they do not have ability to check the quality more carefully.

“Brown peppercorns” – The Fine Foods

where to buy fresh peppercorns in australia
“Brown pepper” vs Chu Se Pepper

This picture was taken in an Asian grocery store in May 2018 during my research about peppercorns. The Fine Foods seems to be very popular in many groceries in Asian store, I also found this brand in some of Australian market.

I think there is one reason that makes this brand become common. That is the price.

For many people the price is important so the manufacturers also reduce some of the process of making high quality products. The above peppercorns are one of the example. In my experience, the pepper has “brown” color like that because they have not been cleaned properly or they are too old.

Mold peppercorns

Mold peppercorns - low quality black pepper
Mold peppercorns – low quality black pepper

This picture was also taken in a grocery shop in Australia. I do not talk about the color of these peppercorns as I already mentioned above.

This product has a serious problem. I do not know why these peppercorns can be sold in Australia which is really strict in foods and safety scheme.

The pepper has mold because of the high moisture. The moisture can increase the peppercorn weight and make it heavier. But the weight of pepper in this way can not increase the quality of peppercorns; the heavy weight of pepper should be as the result of the content – the inside component of the fruit. In another word, the white part in black peppercorns makes the quality, not the moisture.

Mold has bad effect on human health. In the serious case, the body is poisonous and death.

Until now, I still don’t understand why Australians accept to buy these products.

Where to buy fresh peppercorns

After my research about Australian peppercorns, I decided to run business selling peppercorns for Australians. My purpose is to help Australians use the right products with highest quality, and this also helps them to gain the most benefits of peppercorns.

You can buy fresh peppercorns at Chu Se Pepper. We are a family owned organic black pepper and manufacturer in Vietnam for about 20 years. You know how to make the best black pepper after years of experience.

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White peppercorns Australia

Some of you may not know about where white peppercorns come from. They are actually the inside part black peppercorns. If you remove the skin of black pepper, the remaining is white pepper. Therefore, white pepper is actually black pepper without skin.

So what are the differences of black pepper and white pepper?

In the market, white peppercorns Australia are normally more expensive than black peppercorns. This is because it costs more to produce white pepper.

In reality, black peppercorns give us more nutrients and are better for human health than white peppercorns. Because black pepper still keeps the skin which is the most important part of pepper. The skin contain a chemical called piperine which causes spicy taste of pepper.

The skin of black pepper can help people with many health benefits such as cough, cancer, and weight loss.

Black pepper price in Australia

black pepper price in Australia
black pepper price in Australia

As I said before, the price of black pepper varies greatly in Australia. The ones in supermarket are normally more expensive than small grocery shops.

The price also depends on the quality of products. Some peppercorns have high quality with big size and black color, but some are really bad as the sizes in the package are not the same. The peppercorns are in the same bottle but the sizes of pepper are much different. We can realize it by naked eyes easily.

Chu Se pepper can provide the best price with highest quality. We only manufacture premium pepper as we care every single step of making excellent pepper. We also guarantee the best price because we are the grower and sell pepper directly to you. This means that you buy our fresh peppercorns directly from the farm.

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Bulk peppercorns Australia

bulk peppercorns in Australia
bulk peppercorns in Australia

If you would like to buy bulk peppercorns in Australia, Chu Se Pepper can offer wide range of option for you. The more you buy, the more you save.

This option is suitable for restaurants, hotels, grocery shops, ect who want to buy pepper in bulk so that they can save hundreds of dollars.

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Bulk peppercorns in Australia