Vietnam black Pepper

Vietnam Black Pepper has continuously been the biggest pepper producer and exporter, contributing more than 30% of the world’s pepper demand every year


black peppercorns – our pride

Organic whole black peppercorns 100g

Our Whole Black pepper 100g comes from the highlands of Gia Lai, Vietnam which owns a distinct advantage in growing horticulture products thanks to the favorable climate and soil.

Our Black Pepper Whole brings the exceptional flavor, with a more pungent and aromatic taste than other peppercorns in the market.

Vietnam Black Pepper – Chu Se Pepper can guarantee that the pepper still keeps the highest nutrition from inside and ensures the top quality.

We always wish to bring to consumers the organic and healthy foods. We specialize in providing various kinds of black pepper products; fresh , whole, pure, and unmixed black pepper.

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black peppercorns 100g

Whole Black Pepper


Black peppercorn 250g

Vietnam black pepper – Organic Whole Black Pepper


Organic whole black peppercorns 250g

Our pepper is organic and has the highest grade:

  • Density : more than 600 grams/litter
  • Moisture: less than 11%
  • Impurities: below 0.1%
  • No insects, molds and pesticide residue under specified threshold.

Pepper is rich in vitamin C, even more than tomatoes. Half of the cups of peppercorns will provide over 230% of the calcium requirement per day per person. Black pepper contain 1.2-2% of essential oils, 5-9% of piperine and 2.2-6% of chanvixin. Piperine and chanvixin are two types of alkaloid that make the pepper taste spicy. There are 8% fat, 36% starch and 4% ash.

Black pepper is commonly used for spices, cancer treatment, curing cough & sore throat problems, antioxidant, and beauty

There are many health benefits of black peppercorns that may surprise you. That is why I call it “the special ingredient”.

Feature of Chu Se black pepper – Vietnam black pepper

  • Our Black Pepper is harvested from the local farm, then sun dried enough to be packed, in a cool place.
  • Chu Se pepper seeds are big without having any leaves, dirt, and light berries in the product package.
  • Most importantly, our pepper does not contain preservatives, without any harmful chemicals that affect the health of consumers.

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Best black pepper quality

  • Density:   >=600 g/l
  • Moisture: <=11%
  • International standard requires density >=500g/l & Moisture <= 13% (Export to America)
  • Learn more about how these measurements work: Click here

Chu Se Pepper has the highest quality in the world at the moment.

Australian peppercorns Woolworths

Australian peppercorns

I have conducted a research about the quality of black peppercorns in Australian market and found out that about 80% of black peppercorns in Australia have low standard and contain insufficient nutrients.

->>We say “no” with low quality black pepper.

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our secret to produce organic black pepper

Many people know black pepper can bring many amazing health benefits, but they still don’t know it can only be the most effective when they consume the organic pepper.

We always share our secrets of producing the best black peppercorns with growers so that everyone can get the most nutrition from the special ingredient.

dried cow pat - organic fertilizer
  • Organic matter content: 68.6%
  • Total N (nitrogen) content: 1.57%
  • Content of phosphoric acid (P2O5): 2.29%
  • K2O potassium acid content: 1.08%

Dried cow-pat is an organic fertilizer used to fertilize horticulture crops such as vegetables, coffee, pepper, tomato, green plants of the urban landscape …This is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that is good for crops and the soil environment. According to the analysis of QUATEST 3, the organic content is very high at 68.6%, the others nutrients are also high. This shows that dry cow-pat contains very high humus, which have better physical properties, making the soil more fertile than industrial fertilizers..

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